Crisis Recovery Guide for the Exhibition Industry

Matthias Tesi Baur

We as the exhibition industry are undoubtably in one of the most critical crises since decades. Nobody expected the COVID-19 crisis and the consequences we are facing a short while ago. Most of the exhibition organisers and venues have done an amazing job in the last weeks to get their communications under control, cancel or postpone a large amount of events and analyse the current situation.

Now it is time to prepare the post-crisis time. How strong your business comes out of this crisis depends on how early and how structured you plan the post-crisis time.

At the moment nobody knows how long the crisis will last but preparation work for the time when the crisis comes to an end can’t start early enough.

With this guide we try to provide you with a framework to help plan, organise and execute for the time when the COVID-19 crisis comes to and end and for the time thereafter. This guide is obviously not complete but hopefully provides some clear action points that help to manage the end-crisis and post-crisis phase!