Digital & AI Video Report

DIGITAL & AI Town Hall meeting – Report

The ETT Club Town Hall Meetings provide a fun and interactive platform and this session covers our focus topic “Digital & AI”.

Welcome to the ETT Town Hall meeting

Would you like to learn and innovate from Industry wide Best Practice Cases in Digital & AI? Do you want to hear other industry professionals sharing their views and discuss these questions?

The ETT Club Town Hall Meetings provide a fun and interactive platform. This second Town Hall meeting will cover our focus topic “Digital & AI”.
We assemble a great panel of speakers to discuss these questions and present Digital & AI best practice cases. We would like to thank our moderator and panellists for their great input, time and sharing best practice cases:


  • Mark Parsons, Managing Director and Founder, Events Intelligence, ETT “VaPOr” Group Leader


  • Courtney Harold, SVP, Business Development, Tied Together Marketing, ETT “StrongGirlz + 1” Group member
  • Derrick Johnson, Director of Event Strategy & Chief Diversity Officer, Talley Management Group, Inc., ETT “Event Profs without borders” Group member
  • Gunnar Heinrich, CEO, Adventics GmbH

DIGITAL & AI Town Hall Meeting: 08:00 (UK Time) session

DIGITAL & AI Town Hall Meeting: 16:00 (UK Time) session