ETT Mentoring Programme - Get a Mentor to support your career development

Do you need support from senior industry professionals to push your career development? Are you looking for a mentor outside of your organisation? 


The ETT mentoring programme is designed to support your growth and career development through a 6-month programme working with some of the top industry players who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We will help partner you with the most appropriate mentor aligned with your needs. Becoming a mentee brings an array of benefits such as; access to mentor’s expertise; talking about your challenges to someone outside the organisation; vital feedback in key areas; learning specific skills and knowledge relevant to personal goals; sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally and larger network with more people.

The ETT Mentoring Programme is our contribution to retain, engage and empower the best people in the exhibition sector. A milestone for ETT Club to provide support to all industry professionals who would like to have career advice and push their professional development with the help from senior industry professionals.

Mentee benefits
  • Inspiration
  • Talking about your challenges to someone outside ​the organisation ​
  • Access to mentor’s ​expertise​
  • Vital feedback in key areas​
  • Learning specific skills  and knowledge relevant to personal goals​
  • Sharper focus on what ​is needed to grow ​professionally​
  • Larger network with ​more people​
What to expect
  • Introduction to a mentor (see list of mentors below)
  • 3 calls minimum over 6 month period
  • ETT Support throughout the programme

ETT Mentors

Interested to join ETT Mentoring Programme as a mentor?

Give back to the industry – Retention – Engagement – Empower

Mentors benefits:

  • Learn from future leaders
  • Improve interpersonal, leadership and management skills
  • Increase your profile and the profile of your organisation
  • Build confidence
  • Gain personal satisfaction