ETT “Value Proposition for Organisers” (VaPOr) Group – Report

New sources of revenues and how they interplay with their existing businesses as organisers

Through prior sprints on Value Proposition, ETT VaPOr group identified many new touchpoints, some because of Covid, some coming from the natural evolution from our industry. The group focused on the role that data has to play in this new world and how this is transforming the organiser operating model. But these new touchpoints developed, do they meet our customer needs, either now or in the future? What is the engagement of digital? What value does it add?

Following The Monthly Innovation Talk on Value Proposition in April 2021, and the result of the research we conducted identifying that our industry is losing money in specific areas, Stephan Forseilles and Mark Parsons, ETT VaPOr group leaders, worked on the question: What are the characteristics of these new channels that are making us lose money? What is their value proposition and what are the concrete solutions we can put in place to do better?” The group discussed concrete solutions and what an ideal product would look like. They have very kindly agreed to share with us the outcome of their discussion with a 20 minutes presentation recording including slides and a fantastic excel based tool designed to help organisers.

A big thank you to ETT VaPOr (Value Proposition for Organisers) Group:

Stephan Forseilles and Mark Parsons, Group leaders, and Antonio Martín Pastor, Ian Tomson-Smith, Satyendra Mehra, Mshari Alkuwaiflie, Andreas Eggimann, Ton Otten for contributing to this report.

VaPOr Group presentation recording on Value Proposition: