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The Monthly Innovation Talk: DIGITAL & AI

The Monthly Innovation Talk DIGITAL & AI.
How can we use digital & AI to enhance the value of our business model?

Chairman of the new Monthly Innovation Talk series, Stefan Rummel, says:
“Digital transformation can lead to a huge value creation for our customers and within our industry. Especially data and the use of AI do have the potential to become a game changer in a variety of areas within our companies. Therefore, now it’s time to make a deep dive into the topic and push it further on our agendas.

Join The Monthly Innovation Talk, a great global platform to network and collaborate with like-minded people, irrespective of job titles and hierarchy. Ongoing discussions to stay connected to the industry and join other professionals from different sectors and countries to innovate, share ideas, debate and continue helping the industry to move on and upwards! 

Teamwork involved during online sessions, where participants will be allocated to breakout rooms to network and discuss the monthly challenge in smaller groups.

Dates and times
Each session will run twice: 8:00 and 16:00 (UK Time). You will be invited to both sessions and can confirm which one suits you best.

Next sessions:
18 May
17 June
13 July

ETT will run one or two sessions per month and upcoming sessions will be announced up to four months in advance. You can join at any time and will receive invitations to all sessions. Simply confirm whether you would like to join and select the time that suits you best (8am or 4pm (UK Time)).

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