Event Thinkers

Group Description:

Event Thinkers Group has been established by 11 event professionals coming from 7 countries: Croatia, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey and UK. Our goal is to put together our experience and expertise to work together for the recovery, success and benefits of the global event industry.

Group Categories:

Event MarketingEvent Value PropositionPeople, Skills & TrainingSustainability

Group Leaders:

Happy to be the part of ETT Club and working together with ETT Club groups/members/partners/event professionals & our industry customers:  Sonia Graupera, Joanna Marcjan, Juan Puchalt, Marco Barozzi, Catalin Trifu, Garcia Newell, Pawel Terlikowski, Robert T Heinemann, Yildirim Unverdi, Berislav Čižmek, Mehtap Gürsoy, Paul Grinnall, Mshari AlKuwaiflie, Raghav Khosla.

The key topics of the interest for Event Thinkers Group are: Recovery of the Event Industry/Value Proposition/Digitalization & Hybridization/Young Talents & Education/Marketing & Sales/Sustainability/Services for the Event Industry, more about our topics:
Digitalization & Hybridization: How to monetize the hybrid part of our physical event? Digitalization and monetization of the hybrid/digital formats and services. From in-person to digital/hybrid events: “what’s in it” for exhibitors, attendees and stakeholders? Mapping Visitor & Exhibitor Journey in the Hybrid/Digital Format of Events. Digital Event Platforms and Event Technology for the Events of the Future. Young Talents & Education: Encouraging youth to be involved in the events industry and to become leaders of the future. Retaining and attracting talents in future. How to attract new generation to trade shows? Marketing & Sales: Marketing & Sales of Digital Services. New tools to promote events (Twitch, Clubhouse, other platforms & tools). Value Proposition: New Business Models for the Exhibitions and Events Industry. Value Proposition of the Events of the Future. Push for more Government Recognition and Support of Event Industry. Sustainability: Sustainability & Social Engagement. Services for the Event Industry: How Service Partners can support Recovery of the Event Industry, planning to work in the co operation with UFI Industry Partners Working Group.

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