Welcome to ETT Hard Talk with Katie Morhen: Time for a smart approach to marketing. How to get your search, brand, PR and social efforts to work together

Join ETT Hard Talk with Katie Morhen, Director, 52eight3, learn about a smart approach to marketing and how to get your search, brand, PR and social efforts to work together. It’s time to bring these channels (and those agencies and in-house staff delivering on them) together –  to create coherent campaigns that cut through to event audiences.

Delivery for event marketing campaigns is becoming increasing disparate. Wider skillsets needed to deliver across the numerous channels have led to marketing teams bringing in specifically disciplined personal or external agencies to deliver.

We’re looking for impact and in this session will look at brands and their agencies who are taking a much more cohesive approach to search, brand, PR and social and winning!

This session is part of “ETT Exhibition Marketing Months, Exploring the best reopening marketing strategies”.

We are delighted to welcome

  • Katie Morhen, Director at 52eight3

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