Welcome to ETT Micro-Workshop: Data Strategy for Exhibitions

Education – Discussion – Networking


  • Enrico Gallorini, CEO, GRS Research & Strategy
  • Andrea Nava, Data Strategist, GRS Research & Strategy

What is data strategy? And why is it so important for organisations? How does it fit into the historical moment we are living through, with a pandemic that threatens to radically transform the world of exhibitions and large events? In this workshop we will explore the concept of data strategy and introduce the key element that underpins it: insight. We will look at how to build an insight-driven organisation, and find out which areas to work on, and how.

The session is an hour and half long, limited to 10 participants and Free for Gold Members.
Each Micro-Workshop will be split in three parts:
30 minutes Education – 30 minutes Group work – 30 minutes Discussion – 100% Networking
The micro-workshop is designed for a quick knowledge transfer combined with a networking platform. Participants will learn new insights and discuss it with other course participants.

Data Strategy for Exhibitions,
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