MICRO-WORKSHOP: Does your recruitment process really bring in the right skills and experience? – Report

Welcome to ETT Micro-Workshop:

Does your recruitment process really bring in the right skills and experience?

Education – Discussion – Networking
  • Mike Frost, Co-founder, EXPOCAST

Why has hiring changed in the last couple of years? What happens during the recruitment process? Candidate objections and objectives, what is the market saying? How to retain talent? How to offer work-life balance and career progression?

Taking with them a lot of knowledge, many have left the exhibition industry. It is key to find the right people and increase the diversity of our workforce, with upskilling becoming more important than ever to be prepared for the next crisis.

The session is an hour and half long, limited to 10 participants and Free for Gold Members.
Each Micro-Workshop will be split in three parts:
30 minutes Education – 30 minutes Group work – 30 minutes Discussion – 100% Networking
The micro-workshop is designed for a quick knowledge transfer combined with a networking platform. Participants will learn new insights and discuss it with other course participants.