MICRO-WORKSHOP: Launch Events – Where To Start? – Report

Welcome to ETT Micro-Workshop: Launch Events – Where To Start?

Education – Discussion – Networking


  • Ashley Robert, General Manager, Omanexpo
  • Mark Parsons, Managing Director & Founder, Events Intelligence

What is the motivation to launch events? What do you want to launch and achieve? What would success look like?

Following the ETT Panel discussion: A Golden Era to Launch Events moderated by Ashley Roberts, video recording available in the report section, this online micro-workshop will be looking in details at demand, stakeholders and how data and business intelligence can be used to assess opportunities and kickstart the sales and marketing. The session is designed to give you a sound understanding of where to start to successfully launch events.

The Micro-Workshop will be split into sections:
Education – Group work – Discussion – 100% Networking
and is designed for a quick knowledge transfer combined with a networking platform. Participants will learn new insights and discuss it with other course participants.