Welcome to the Micro-Workshop: The Exhibition Sales Effectiveness Series – Adding More Value to the Exhibitor Experience, Part 2

Education – Discussion – Networking

Lecturer: Stephan Murtagh, The Exhibition Guy 

Part 1 to 3 – Overview:

The aim of these 3 short courses is to increase our exhibition sales skills so as to ensure we give our clients the best advice on Exhibitions` so they become clients and not just sales. The landscape of sales has changed, and the best salespeople adapt to it. Understanding what our clients’ needs are first and delivering world class solutions for their business.

On the 3 sessions we will explore what we need to do on all steps of the journey. From learning how to prepare for sales calls, presenting the value not price and how to give them the best advice on how to exhibit so that it becomes a partnership built on trust.

The sessions are hosted by The Exhibition Guy who has almost 30 years’ experience and are delivered in a fully interactive format with breakout rooms and tasks, the sessions are designed for maximum impact.

At the end of the course, you will have a better and deeper understanding of what it takes to be really successful selling exhibitions


Session 2:    During the Call

In this module we will learn about how to build strong rapport, presenting exhibition solutions based on logic and how to handle exhibitor objections.

Download Part 2 “During the Call” presentation pdf
Download Part 1 “Pre-Sales Call” presentation pdf

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