Welcome to ETT SPRINT: How does Marketing Communication need to change to Reopen an Exhibition?

As part of its project “ETT EXHIBITION MARKETING MONTHS, Exploring the Best Reopening Marketing Strategies”, ETT Club is delighted to start with a Sprint: How Does Marketing Communication Need To Change To Reopen An Exhibition?

Open to everyone in the exhibition industry who is reopening exhibitions or in the planning stage, this Sprint includes 2 online sessions23 September and 6th October:

The first session starts with a panel discussion and we are delighted to welcome 3 great speakers to discuss Marketing Communication and how it needs to adapt to the reopening of exhibitions:

  • Alison Church, Marketing Director, UK & Global, Easyfairs
  • Chris Kilbee, Managing Director, Acuity Growth Consultancy
  • Stephanie Selesnick, President, International Trade Information Inc.

The second session (second recording below) includes 3 great groups’ presentations on the task: How Does Marketing Communication Need to Change To Reopen an Exhibition? Based on different criteria.

Thank you to

Satyendra Mehra and his group members, Steve Lloyd, Jaisica Lapsiwala, Rucheeka Chhugani, Madalena Saavedra, Michael Kruppe, Wilbert Heijmans, Belen Blanco

Simona Jevdokimovaite, Alison Church, Tamar Beck and their group members, Annika Bowhay, Claudia Leoni, Pietro Bottazi, Silvia Forroova

Berislav Čižmek, Catalin Trifu and their group members, Paul Grinnall, Rachel Stephan, Marco Barozzi, Edu Corsi, Juan Fernando Rubio Romera

Download Groups' Presentations pdf.

Video Recordings –

1st session, SPRINT: How does Marketing Communication Need to Change To Reopen an Exhibition?, Panel Discussion

2nd session, Groups’ presentations

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