The Monthly Innovation Talk: Digital & AI, 21 April – Report

Welcome to the Monthy Innovation Talk: Digital & AI

How can we use digital & AI to enhance the value of our business model?

The Monthly Innovation Talk is a great global platform to network and collaborate with like-minded people, irrespective of job titles and hierarchy. It is an ongoing series of discussions to stay connected to the industry and join other professionals from different sectors and countries to innovate, share ideas, debate and continue helping the industry to move on and upwards! 

After the session in March, ETT Club ran LindekIn polls asking the exhibition industry to help us understand if organisers have truly understood the types of digital offerings, their customers’ needs and how they forecast marketing budgets, education and training to be best prepared.

Participants worked in groups in breakout rooms to try and answer the following two questions:

Exhibition & Conference Organisers struggle to establish a highly profitable online profit centre due to the different product cycles and the different nature of micro payment. As a result the budgets in b2b lead generation are not spent within the event industry.

1.Which skills do we need to harvest the opportunities in online b2b lead generation?

2.How do we need to change our company  organisation structure to build a profitable online revenue stream alongside the exhibition & conference revenues?

Both recordings below cover a discussion about the LinkedIn polls results with Stefan Rummel, Chairman of the Monthly Innovation Talk: Digital & AI, followed by the groups’ findings and a great discussion with the participants.

The Monthy Innovation Talk: Digital & AI, 08:00 (UK Time) session

The Monthy Innovation Talk: Digital & AI, 16:00 (UK Time) session