The Monthly Innovation Talk: Value Proposition, 28 April – Report

Welcome to the Monthy Innovation Talk: Value Proposition

What value proposition events do we need to offer in the future?

The Monthly Innovation Talk is a great global platform to network and collaborate with like-minded people, irrespective of job titles and hierarchy. It is an ongoing series of discussions to stay connected to the industry and join other professionals from different sectors and countries to innovate, share ideas, debate and continue helping the industry to move on and upwards! 

After the previous session in March, ETT Club ran a Value Proposition survey asking the industry to help us understand the changes in the perceived value of trade shows following the crisis to ensure a strong and purposeful value proposition going forward. The results are showing our industry has not found the right digital products to fullfill and please our customers’ objectives, and highlight money is leaving the industry.

Participants worked in groups in breakout rooms to try and answer the two following questions: What are the characteristics of these new channels that are making us lose money? What is their value proposition and what are the concrete solutions we can put in place to do better?

Both recordings below cover a first discussion about the survey results with Simon Foster, Chairman of the Monthly Innovation Talk: Value Proposition, followed by the groups’ findings and a great discussion with attendees.

The Monthy Innovation Talk: Value Proposition, 08:00 (UK Time) session

The Monthy Innovation Talk: Value Proposition, 16:00 (UK Time) session