Think Tank: Exclusive Design Thinking Process to Redefine Networking – Report

Welcome to the Think Tank: Exclusive Design Thinking Process to Redefine Networking

Lecturer: Dan-Joel Ake, Founder, OP Booster & HumannConnect

Do you want to explore Design Thinking methodology that Google uses for unlocking any market they want to jump in and gain a better understanding into the challenges the industry is facing with virtual networking?

Networking and content are the 2 pillars of the event industry. While technology has brought many new opportunities for resetting the event industry, it seems that technology brings pale substitute networking solutions. Join the exclusive Design Thinking process to redefine networking and work with Dan-Joel Ake and a small group of participants to identify the real challenges behind event networking and explore solutions accordingly to ensure we are meeting the needs and goals of the industry. 

Methodology:  This series will use the basics of the Design Thinking methodology that is appropriate to address these challenges and find efficient solutions.   

Structure:  4 sessions of 2 hours of Design Thinking and guided brainstorming including reports of the results.  


  1. Why is networking the source of so many disappointments ?
  2. How to make networking more efficient and reduce bad emotions ?
  3. The magic of « inspiring people »
  4. Trying to unlock « Hybrid Networking »