Welcome to the Think Tank: What has changed in the Strategy process in our industry?

As part of its project “ETT Strategies & Innovations Mission”, ETT Club is delighted to start with a Think Tank: What has changed in the Strategy process in our industry? which include 2 online sessions and group work.

This Think Tank is a great opportunity to network with other industry professionals, share ideas and dig deep into the topic Strategy and what are the key points a modern tradeshow should have. It is a way to innovate and find concrete ideas to help your team/colleagues and move the industry forward.

4 February:

  • Panel discussion with a great panel of speakers:
    • Michael Duck, EVP – Commercial Development | Informa Markets, EVP – Commercial Development, Group | Informa Group
    • Enrica Baccini, Chief Research & Development Officer, Fondazione Fiera Milano
    • Mark Parsons, Managing Director & Founder, Events Intelligence

“Every change needs to serve the customer and how much change we need depends on the industry and the country we are in. Tradeshows have an important role to connect people together. We need the right type of strategies with the right talents in digital marketing”.

“As organisers we are aware to welcome something different. Now our role is to nurture, create and orchestrate interactions between visitors and exhibitors. Data, AI is now here to help us curating the network of relationship.”

“We got into the habit of selling products but actually our business is about connections. we can either sell something to our community or we actually sell a connection, we sell access to a community. One to one models are growing amazingly at the moment”.

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