Why Constant Learning Is Key to Success for Exhibition Professionals – by Thorsten Hilber, Director Business Development, EMEA, Ungerboeck

Why Constant Learning Is Key to Success for Exhibition Professionals

by Thorsten Hilber, Director Business Development, EMEA, Ungerboeck

Following the recent ETT town hall meeting, “How to Attract the Best Talent to Our Industry” that I co-moderated with Cinzia Zanin from Fiera Milano, I had a lot of good conversations about talent acquisition in the exhibition industry. I would like to share my thoughts and conclusions about the importance of constant learning in the exhibition industry.

Constant Learning and Continuing Education: Curiosity Matters

Constant learning is key to success, regardless of our age. While our brains change as we get older, we will always find new things to learn and new areas to explore. With curiosity guiding us through life, we can achieve new heights, expand our skills, and acquire knowledge at every age.

The interest in training and education has reached a peak among exhibition professionals throughout the last year. It was therefore very satisfying for us as a partner to the exhibition industry to see our Learning Center and Certification Program received with overwhelming enthusiasm by our global customer community.

But not only has ever-continuing education become more important, the way we learn has also changed dramatically. Any device can be a classroom. Don’t we all appreciate the possibilities of online courses we can watch at our own convenience? Thanks to on-demand learning opportunities, learning has become easier than ever before.

Communities Need Face-to-face Events and In-Person Exchange

Because of the power of digital and virtual meeting rooms, it’s never been more convenient for community members to  connect. Exchange, content sharing, coaching, conversation, interaction, and meetings are all vital elements of a community. When and where live interaction isn´t possible, they can be replaced by virtual meetings and the possibilities of online communication.

However, this digital exchange only works to a certain degree. People want to socialize and meet their peers in person; in my opinion, face-to-face interaction will see new levels of appreciation, especially after the pandemic.

Attracting Talent in the Exhibition Industry

As a supplier and partner to the event industry, Ungerboeck knows of the difficulty of attracting the right talents. We need specialists in their individual fields, and at the same time, open-minded personalities that understand the value of gatherings, conventions, meetings, and – in essence – the general idea of bringing people together.

Together, our mission is to facilitate conversations and discussions among people regardless of their nationalities, occupations, hobbies, and walks of life. And it can only be accomplished by having the right people on your team. It´s not easy to achieve, but it also means that in no other industry will you find as many fascinating and interesting people as in our beloved exhibition industry.

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