WORKSHOP: How To Monetise Your Data? – Report

Welcome to the WORKSHOP: How To Monetise Your Data?

The Exhibition Think Tank Club is delighted to host, together with Info Salons, the Workshop: How to monetize your data.

With four great speakers, this interactive session covers the following points:

  1. Communities and using data as a way of thinking
  2. Using data to understand your customers better                           =>Insights, Marketing automation, Steering
  3. What is blocking our industry to monetize data? What do we need to overcome to monetize data?
  4. Creating value with data
  5. Direct and indirect monetization

After an interesting workshop and panel discussion last October on the topic “What are the digital challenges in the exhibition industry” where we started discussing data and revenue, we would like to invite you to join that deep-dive session which will help you understand and overcome some of the challenges data monetization involves. 

Presentations – Group Discussion


  • Wilbert Heijmans, Partner & Chair, Info Salons MENA
  • Vasileios Papadopoulos, Managing Director, Info Salons MENA
  • Mark Parsons, Managing Director, Events Intelligence
  • Matthias Tesi Baur, CEO & Founder, MBB Consulting Group
Presentation: How to monetise your data?

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