Workshop: Your New Strategy Landscapes – Report

Welcome to the Workshop: Your New Strategy Landscapes

Education – Discussion – Networking

Lecturers and moderators:

  • Wilbert Heijmans, Managing Director, Info Salons Group
  • Wouter Molman, Executive Vice President, Informa Markets

As part of its project “ETT Strategies & Innovations Mission”, ETT Club is delighted to present the Workshop: Your New Strategy Landscapes.

Let’s create the future! Now is the time of change and it is crucial to work on strategy, and look at what our industry is looking towards. Join Wilbert Heijmans’ workshop to look at the main strategy challenges raised during the Think Tank (4th and 17th Feb) and work together to find solutions.  Looking at what is strategy, vision, goals and scenarios, working in groups on Opportunities & Threats (SWOT analysis), this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn, work on your strategy and business plan, as well as network with other industry professionals! What to expect when joining the workshop:

  • Core of the session: Opportunities & Threats
  • 90-120min
  • Presentations: Strategy, SWOT, Threats and Opportunities
  • Breakout rooms for group work
  • Discussion and strategic scenario planning

Video Recording – Your New Strategy Landscapes